What Do You Think of the New Hard Time US Cover Design?

                                                                                          Shaun Attwood


Mary Smith said...

Hi Shaun,
I love the new design, it is a great opportunity to make sure as many people as possible know what that guy looks like!!

As always good luck x

Lynn Lost said...

The cover is very "Hitler-ish" Definitely makes Arpaio look crazy and a lot like Hitler. The graphics follow that design. Good attention grabbier. Good luck!

Jon said...

Thanks, Mary and Lynn.

I agree that the design gives Arpaio a definite Nazi/Angel of Death feel. Dark stuff indeed.

Jason said...

I like this cover.The font and coloring works well juxtaposed to Arpaio's head. That face is one that evokes such feelings of hatred and disgust from me.

good deal Shaun, I believe the cover will interest people just by seeing his face, some of whom support him, others who hate him and ones who aren't sure.
look forward to it hitting the shelves.

~big jason

Anonymous said...

Featuring more of Joe Arpario on the cover, the design does a fairly good job at that.


1) It's not the most interesting photo of him, and there's a lot going on in the background (reflections in windows and such) which take away from focusing on him (but maybe that was intentional?). A larger shot of him (ideally in an even more unflattering/unphotogenic pose) would be better.

2) The typeface used in the title is a bit bland and weak. I was picturing stronger lettering (heavier or thicker lines) to impart the heavy confinement and aggressiveness of the system.

A Product Designer

Anonymous said...

also, regarding the typeface, I think something with sharper lines, rather than rounded, would be better at conveying the harshness of context.

Natalie said...

I like this cover. The colour scheme is very effective.

Kathi said...

better than the first!...
because I do not like to see the photo of you on a book cover what I've done in my last holiday with you and happy time...
I hope you understand.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi shaun,
i would really like to write to an american inmate but am worried about giving out my home address... i'd be writing from the UK. am i crazy to be worried about this, living so far away and all? you're advice would be gratfully appreciated.

Anonymous said...

very powerful.

Jon said...


Email me here:


Anonymous said...

I really must say, the new U.S. Cover is brilliant.

Aesthetically speaking, and of course literary wise, it has NYT Bestseller written all over it! Seriously.


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