From T-Bone (Letter 70)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

Can you imagine how dangerous it is for guys who steal in this place? But there’s always those who think they can do whatever. This jerk came into my cell and tried to steal my stamps and toothpaste and even my shoes. I threw him out by the back of the neck.

Now this is where it gets crazy: he went to the next door down and took another guys ID. He went to the inmate store and got the guy’s store order, came back to the building and tried to act like he did nothing wrong. Well, the guy next door found out what he had done and almost the whole yard wanted to kill him. They wanted his ass anyway.

I told the guy he stole from to let him go. They took the guy to the service centre, and then off the yard. Man, there are some crazy people in these places, who always do things that show they need help, but the system is designed to warehouse instead of helping people to change. We are the difference makers. The old me would have kicked the crap out of him, but now I see how we are influenced to think negatively, by evil, that kind of thinking becomes a culture, and it’s time to break the cycle.

Shaun Attwood  


Whitfield said...

I will be following this blog, I find it very deep and eye-opening with T-Bone being as open and raw with what he is saying. Thanks for sharing his story.

Anonymous said...

Most americans like think that americans dont use drugs.
We get info newspapers and tv/radio so we know go on.
For americans it hard to believe your stories.
You was a wall street - Stock broker once worth
Millions (probarbly) then you turned a drug dealer
Selling Ecstasy (probarbly to give to women have sex?).
Don't gang rape - used by Ecstasy ? Then write book
about Barry Seal when their was already a book on him.
Daniel Hopsicker wrote a great book you used info in it.
You are not allow in the U.S. did you cheap people out
of millions in the stock market or did you cheat people
out of money use Ecstasy ? Something isnt right in Denmark.
Linda Minor is a JFK researcher she knows alot drug culture.
She is not a user never touched the stuff she is credible .

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